About us

Kartelias Media Group was founded in 2001 and has since become a leading Media Group in Greece.

Headquartered in Chalkída, Euboea, Kartelias Media Group specializes in radio broadcasting.

The company owns four radio stations, including SOK FM 104.8, NRG 95, Dalkas 88.2, and Mple 99.0, covering a wide variety of music categories.

According to Bari Focus research (2019), SOK FM 104.8 had the highest percentage of daily listeners among the local radios in Euboea. SOK FM 104.8 is the top choice for listeners aged 13 to 45 in Euboea.

SOK FM has received numerous awards, including Gold awards for Best Radio (2019), Innovative/New Content (2019), Grand Award Radio (2019), Best Mobile Edition (2019), Best Social Media (2013), and Best Overall Brand Presence on Twitter (2013). Silver awards include Best Product Launch (2019), Best Online Community (2019), Best Multiplatform (2019), and recognition for Best Events and Activities and Creative Use of Media.

Dalkas 88.2 is well-known for its Greek traditional music (Laika) and has received Gold awards for Best Radio Imaging (2019) and Best Logo Design (2018).

NRG 95 is renowned for its top 40 format and playing top pop-dance music. It has been awarded for Best Logo Design (2018) and Best Creative Content (2018), establishing itself as a modern member of our radio family.

Mple 99.0 is the newest addition to Kartelias Media Group, joining in 2015. Mple 99.0 focuses on Greek Alternative Music and is well-recognized throughout the broader geographical area of Euboea.

Kartelias Media Group specializes in Event Marketing and successfully planned the “SOK FM Daluz Sundays” concert in 2015. This event featured over 40 popular Greek Pop Stars who performed on the Daluz stage, attracting an audience of more than 100,000 every Sunday.