While the tendency of local businesses is shifting towards online-only advertising, radio offers a connection to the audience no other media can replace. Think about all these catchy radio spots getting stuck in your head for weeks and the online ads you instantly forget with just a tap or scroll. Radio works like magic.

It’s #bluemonday , supposed to be the most depressing day of the year. Today, turn up your radio a little louder and blast to your favorite tunes, broadcasted by your favorite people. Nothing can drag us down.

Radio is an important part of people’s every day lives. It’s the easiest way for businesses to deliver their messages directly to their desired audience.

Since technology has become an essential part of our modern lives, people tend to listen to the radio from their mobile devices and computers 3 times more than 10 years ago. As time passes, more and more radio stations tend to adopt the idea of website players and radio apps.

Next time someone asks you why they should advertise on the radio, show them this:

Alexa, Google and Siri are taking over.

Radio ads trigger listeners to search more info about the advertiser online. For better results, combine online promo with air-time ads.

Listeners trust and value radio and they always will.

Ever wondered why businesses and brands tend to collaborate with radio personas and shows to showcase their products or services? Well, here you go.

Everyone knows how important data is in the modern business world. Knowing your clients’ perception of you can help your business grow and overcome obstacles you didn’t know existed. Improvement of your services can lead to revenue growth. Kartelias Media Group has been investing in radio data and consumer research studies for years which has helped to customize its services accordingly and succeed in the local market.

In the past, radio was associated exclusively with audio. Today, it has turned into an experience which people can enjoy in many ways: on-air, online, through video; the possibilities are endless. Constantly adjusting to new trends is key to keeping your brand relatable and known to consumers.

Everything is evolving, and so is radio. Nowadays more and more radio stations have started adopting the idea of video content captured during their radio shows. Listeners now love to visualise everything and everyone they listen to on the radio. Kartelias Media Group was one of the first radio stations in Greece to adopt the idea of video capturing through SOK FM 104,8 radio shows. Now, video content has become an essential part of SOK FM’s relevance and virality.

Throughout the years, Kartelias Media Group has been recognized with Regional Media Awards, including Best in Radio, Grand Radio Award and Social Media Award.

Kartelias Media Group owned radio stations: SOK FM, NRG, Mple & Dalkas, take up, on average, 40,9% of the local air audience.